Line Art Drawings for Interior Designs

Line Art Might Just Be The Minimalist Statement Your Interior Designs Need

Art doesn’t have to be colorful or elaborate to make a statement. In fact, the simplest designs often have the most impact. 
Note that these abstract designs have a bold impact. Line art is a classic type of drawing style that is influenced by the line drawings of Matisse and Picasso. They embrace simplicity and empty space, enhancing minimalism and elegance in any room.

Minimalist line art can be used as a gift or a decor for office, home, bedroom, kitchen, college dorm, dining room, living room, family room, or even the bathroom. 

Line Art for Interior Designs

Line Art Samples

Line art, or sometimes known as one line drawing, simply uses line and the negative space to create a dramatic visual statement. You’ll easily recognize a line art with its clean lines and the lack of shading and depth. Hand-drawn art has a way to make your space look more welcoming and personal. 

Create a Welcoming Interior Using Line Art Drawings In Your Designs

Line art pieces are a great choice for interior designs and decor because they can be mixed with any type of room and color scheme. 

Need some art to fill up the empty space(s) in your home or office? Add a minimalist line art. This type of art is not obtrusive and matches either colorful or minimalist homes. Place it on your bedroom, kitchen, living area, study area, or even at the office for a personal touch.

Line Art for Living Rooms

Line Art for Offices, Conference Rooms and Workspaces

Line Art for Kitchens And Dining Rooms

Line Art for Bathrooms

Line Art for Home Decor

Line art is perfect for any home, home decor and any room. With its fluid lines, it reveal new and interesting stories of people, nature, and abstract forms. It adds more life and character to any room in your house including the living room, kitchen, dining area, bedroom, bathroom office, entryway, and studio!

Not only can line art be used for art on a wall, there are quite a few ways you can incorporate it into your home decor. Shown below are duvet covers and a shower curtain. In fact, any of these line art designs can be incorporated into your interior designs and home/office decor.

Duvet Cover Samples

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